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music videographer houstonMike Meade and Zoom Creative Solutions are very professional and reliable. They took the time to really understand my Multi-Media needs and the vision I wanted to achieve. Taking me through the story boarding process really helped to cement my confidence that they could deliver the desired results…They did! Thanks Zoom Creative Solutions. ~ D. Smith, SGR Music Group

Dr. Jayanty

Dr. Jayanty

Getting more insight into your search for a medical professional gets easier with an informative video about their practice.
Peli Peli Testimonial

Peli Peli Testimonial

Revealing testimonies of actual clients of an establishment, helps to build a larger fan base.
Wedding Design

Wedding Design

A video that illustrates the care and quality of preparation this company provides for an event.
Nation Waste

Nation Waste

This is an overview video of a fast growing company that displays the professional quality of work that Nation Waste provides.
Local Lift Video

Love Bites by Tanuja

A local business looking to get some funding to help her get the word out about her healthy and delicious sweet treats.
Art of Strength

Art of Strength

Gym owner, Angie Jameson, wanted to get the word out explaining how her gym is different from traditional gyms.
Zurovec's Automotive

Zurovec’s Automotive

This local business wanted to let people know how they do business. Their customers love their service so much they wanted to be on camera telling everyone why they think Zurovecs is the place to go.
ABI Digital Solutions

ABI Digital Solutions

Show how your company works behind the scenes and let everyone see the quality of service that sets you apart from the competition.


Everybody has a story to share. Clients and customers (no matter what industry) want to deal with someone they know. A video biography makes that possible in a more interactive way than reading your ‘About Us’ page.


Do you have story that needs to be shared? Do you have people who can help you share that story? Capture it on video so the story can be continued to be told.
Peli Peli

Peli Peli

Transport diners to your restaurant through your video. Show off your cuisine and the wonderful service provided by your staff.
Concierge Massage

Concierge Massage Houston

Do you have a service that is specialized and different than what people typically think of? A video is the perfect way to demonstrate how you cater to your clients’ needs and what differentiates you from others in your industry.
Product Demo Video

StandUp Str8

52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident in online purchases (Inovodo) Increase your sales as well as time visitors spend on your site by using product demo videos.
Distinctive Floral Design

Distinctive Floral Design

Small businesses can compete with the bigger companies with the use of video. Spotlight your services and show what sets you apart from the competition. By using video, you can bring the viewer into your place of business and get to know you.
Promotional Video

Winter Guard Tarps

Is your product something that people need to see and experience? a promotional video is a great way to get them on board.
Interior Design

Interior Design by Jennifer Janet

The design team, Jennifer Janet, had an interior design project they wanted to document. By video taping their process, interested prospects can see how they can transform an area and see their creative process in action.
Berkley Eye Center

Berkley Eye Center

Showcase your products and services while generating traffic to your website and store front. Berkeley Eye Center used video to allow people to see their facilities as well as hear from their doctors and testimonials from patients.
Home Plate Bar and Grill

Home Plate Bar & Grill

Let your customers do the talking for you. Video allows you to show off everything you have to offer.
Momma Strong

Fitness Video

Are you a personal trainer? Why not expand your reach by offering a workout video series on your membership site?
Live Event

Downunda Live Event

Do you have a live event that you'd like to document? It's a great way to thank everyone who came and acknowledge your sponsors as well as use the footage to promote future events.
Kickstarter Video

Sheila Marshall

Are you looking to use crowd source funding to get your new product or startup off the ground?
The Defender

The Defender ~ MLK Revitalization Forum

Promote and spread the news of your community efforts. This was a community event concerning the revitalization of the MLK area in Houston created for the Defender network in Houston.
Nazar's Fine Jewelry

Nazar’s Fine Jewelry

Let customers get an up close look at your merchandise and how it sets you apart from the rest. Using video on your website keeps visitors on your site longer and increases page views as well as sales!
online video marketing

Houston Dance Factory

Business are using video marketing on their websites, YouTube channels and other social media platforms. Besides shooting and editing your video, we can also create animated graphics for your video to add a level of visual excitement and engagement.

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